The Wrong Man

(13 x 48 minute series in development)

 A journalism student risks everything - including her life -  in attempting

   to prove the innocence of her jailed father and get his murder trial re-opened. 

What if a university student’s investigative journalism project turned up a prisoner serving a life term for a crime he claims he did not do? And what if he’s telling the truth? Proving his innocence would be challenge enough. But what really turns 23-year-old Gina’s life upside down is her discovery that the man is her own father, the father she never knew she had. The investigation twists and turns. It draws her and her friends into a dark world of crime and ambiguity that tests their courage to breaking point. Relationships crack under the strain, but Gina endures. Her quest takes her from Cape Town to California and back again for a final confrontation with evil incarnate and an unimaginable, shocking truth about her own nature.

Margaret Goldsmid's Brainwainwave Projects (along with Southern Exposure) is seeking co-production partners and funding for this unique project, inspired not only by the work of the Justice Project of the School of Journalism of the University of the Witwatersrand, but also by cutting edge science.