The love songs of Nathan J Swirsky

Magic pharmacist + pre-teen rebel = trouble!

In 1951 Johannesburg, a flamboyant new English pharmacist with a dashing moustache and tales of  exotic places inspires a shy boy to rebel against his racist mother. The dusty suburb is changed forever… 


Television series or mini-series in development

Swirsky was made for trouble,” says Martin’s disapproving mother. But to Martin and his friends, Swirsky’s  innate sense of fairness and childlike capacity for play open up a new way of thinking about the worlBased on the acclaimed comic novel by celebrated South African author Christopher Hope, each episode introduces a different story, as Martin proceeds from initial resistance to full-on defiance. Along the way, we meet a host of unique characters, like Nicodemus the gardener, who knows only how to give and Sally, the tomboy girl next door whom Martin loves. We meet excentric neighbours, Martin’s ex-soldier father and his bone-headed wartime buddy, Gus, the Indian topsoil delivery-man, Errol, and his young albino assistant, Reggie, who becomes Martin’s friend.  And Swirsky himself, humiliated and betrayed by the glamorous, new English wife he adores… The tone is comedic and satirical, but in the shadows lurk racism, dark secrets and violence.