RIEMVASMAAK - MINI-SERIES - 4 X 48 mins, first broadcast on SABC 2 in 2007 and rebroadcast twice since then.

In 1973, the close-knit Riemvasmaak farming community of the Northern Cape is devastated when the local magistrate  informs them that the Apartheid government has finally decided they will be forcibly removed from land they have lived on for centuries.  They are told that they are "a black spot on the white sheet" and they must go. But one young man, Jaco Allemans, protests furiously.  It angers the authorities but earns him admiration of Trina Hendriks, a woman to whom he has long been attracted.

This is the inciting incident for Jaco's heroic but ultimately hopeless defiance. It also triggers a poignant love story in which the lovers face not merely the consequences of Jaco's rebellion, but agonizing choices as the community is split. With heartbreaking arbitrariness, some members of it are designated "Xhosas" and sent to the Eastern Cape. Others are defined as "Namas" and forcibly removed to Namibia, then under the administration of South Africa (as South West Africa). The South African army takes over the land, using their church and little shool for bombing practice. But Jaco refuses to accept the facts. He keeps coming back...

"Riemvasmaak", a moving love story and a political coming of age saga, is Southern Exposure's most successful television drama production to date, appealing to both critics and audiences. At the 2008 Golden Horn Awards of the South Film and African Television Awards it received no less than eleven nominations and won the three key Golden Horns: Best Production, Best Direction and Best Script.

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