Hell hath no fury as innocence scorned!                        

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         "Heat" is envisaged as a television mini-series, but can also be a feature.


    4 x 48 minute MINI-SERIES - IN DEVELOPMENT

A wealthy, decadent couple, fleeing scandal in England, buy an estate in Northern Natal in the ‘twenties, where they make a devastating impact on two sisters in a poor farming family struggling to survive. 

Caroline Kramer and her sister, Estelle, chafe under the restrictions of poverty and the restrictive attitudes of their settler farming community, where the best a young woman can hope for is to make a good marriage. The arrival of Madeleine and Julian Taunton changes everything. The Tauntons are a couple who live dangerously. They drink excessively, drive recklessly, fight passionately and make up with even more passion. And Madeleine gallops her thorougbred stallion fearlessly through the tawny veld. With equal daring, she takes secret lovers, despite the fierce jealousy of her husband. She fascinates  bookish Caroline, who becomes complicit in her deceit. Then she draws Estelle in, corrupting her for her own ends. The sisters experience forbidden passions and lose their innocence in ways they could never have imagined. They become bitter rivals, learn hard truths about the limits of sibling love and cross boundaries that lead to lies, heartrending loss – and murder.

(adapted from “A lover for Estelle”, the bestseller by Daphne Rooke)