Telling gripping stories that matter...

Southern Exposure came into existence in 1989, initially as the production vehicle for writer-director Peter Goldsmid, screenwriter-director of the multi-award-winning feature film. "The Road to Mecca". And it's still telling great drama and documentary stories - and winning awards. 

In 1997, Peter was joined in the company by Margaret Goldsmid, herself an award-winning producer of television drama series and a script editor and screenwriting mentor consulting to feature producers from all over the world. Together they have produced more than 90 hours of television drama and documentaries.

Their productions have won awards for producing, directing and scripting and many more nominations. (See bios)

Southern Exposure offers script development and training to other production companies as well as producing its own work. It provides innovative, story-based corporate video production services to top-ranked companies and non-governmental organizations.